heirloom quality with style

Nice to meet you, I'm Jen and I used to make bags on my dining room floor. As a mother of 2 very active boys, I found it hard to find the perfect bag for my daily needs.

After taking a few classes years ago, I decided to make bags & accessories that fit both my own style and functional needs. These items became quite popular amongst friends and family, which is why I'm bringing them to you. 

I grew-up in a PNW family rooted in construction and crafting, so it's only natural that I am using my hands to create something beautiful for you. A lot of care, love, and attention goes into each piece as well as honoring the natural flaws and markings that come with leather. Working with naturally distressed materials makes each piece unique and not commercially made. 

My goal is to make items that not only will work for your daily needs, but will last a lifetime that ages beautifully with timeless style.

Each item is a piece of art, truly one of a kind. Leather and hardware are sourced from Tandy & Acadia and all canvas bags and fashion materials are on limited run. 

The shop's name comes from my maiden name: Jen Jack. It's pronounced simply: Jack Bags, just spelled with 2 J's. You will see me use both Jack Bags & Jack interchangeably in order to refer to items outside of the bag collection. I love how even though I have since changed my last name, my former is still a big part of me and my creations.

Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see the projects I'm working on (@jjackbags), custom requests welcome. All products for sale can be found at www.jjackbags.com or Etsy under the same name: jjackbags.

Thank you & Best,jen